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Sara Dickison Taylor

Celebrate Life by Design, LLC

Sara Dickison Taylor is President and Founder of Celebrate Life by Design, LLC. As a certified Executive and Leadership Coach, she has helped countless individuals maximize their life potential and turn their wildest dreams into reality – whether it be transitioning to a new job, building your own brand, maximizing your leadership team or rediscovering that missing piece in your soul. Sara speaks internationally as an advocate of patient and family centered care for families, caregivers and patients, as well as other coaching related topics. She facilitates wellness retreats and group workshops tailored to rediscovering work/life balance, business coaching strategies, productivity and ultimate self-care. A graduate of Coach University and a member of the International Coaching Federation, Sara has also fine-tuned her love of coaching with Dr. Martha Beck, a critically acclaimed New York Times best selling author and Oprah’s personal life coach.